Mezlan Cibeles Men's Luxury Formal Loafers

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Almansa, part of the larger Castile-La Mancha region of Spain, is the birthplace and home to Mezlan. Its 14th century Castle of Almansa sits stoically atop the town’s high cliff, laying watch over its citizens.

The hustle bustle of shoemakers working and living in the town below give testimony to its artisanal roots and rich history.

Embracing the hallowed traditions of skilled shoemakers which span back for generations, Mezlan stands today as a specialty factory, a design house in leather, and a heritage-brand rooted in authentic surroundings of the past and present.

This is Spain’s shoemaking capital.

As the Mezlan factory continues to evolve and expand into exclusive U.S. locations, Antonio Sanchez, founder of Mezlan, maintains the status of master-shoemaker, a great honor.

He is a revered chef in his own kitchen, slow-cooking without short-cuts. When he says that no less than 100 pairs of hands touch each pair of Mezlan shoes through its production, it is often many more than that. Each style is adorned with its own personality using creativity, balance, honed-skill and passion. This is the product which Antonio and the Mezlan factory bring to their customers.

This is their legacy.

  • PEERLESS QUALITY: All-Over Suede With Laser Cut Design Revealing A Two-Toned Effect
  • UNUSUALLY ELEGANT:  Fashion Formal Pump Style, capped by a Full Leather Sole
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Stride confidently in comfort with the Injected Memory Foam Cushioned Insole.
  • HANDMADE IN SPAIN: Crafted by master shoemakers in Almansa, Spain – a small, authentic town exalted as the “shoe capital of Spain”.
  • CHOOSE LAVISH BLACK/RED OR BLUE/BONE COLORS: Exhibit your exquisite artistic taste every day, and at the wedding, party, prom, or client meeting. Enhance your everyday appearance. Leave a lasting impression. Leave a legacy.