British Walker Collection Brick Men's Black Leather Slip On Casual Shoes 4242-01

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  • Manufactured by: British Collection

British Walkers shoes were first created during 1950’s in England with Natural Crepe Sole and high quality and fashion. It was during 1970’s that Britisher’s were introduced to USA. Since then it became famous and Desired by all New Yorkers for its comfort and quality. Hip-hop stars and celebrities chose British Walker shoes for it’s fashion and its unique look. Since then these shoes acquired their own name by people such as Bwalkers, Bboys, B dubs…! Since 2012 “British Collection” by British Walkers Inc. started to recreate the same comfort, fashion and quality shoes. We brought back British Walker shoes with dual fit tech for better fit and Crepe Sole for ultimate Comfort! British Collection shoes are designed in England and hand crafted with high quality leathers overseas. British Collection are not only shoes, they are a culture for fashion!

British Collection is continually embracing new ideas and new styles. British Collection "Brick" is a comfortable imported leather slip on with a crepe sole to make your walking long lasting. Made with the best quality material, British Collection is made to last a long time. Be sure to add our Limited Edition Brick Low Cut style to you British Collection

  • Leather uppers with leather linings
  • Dual Fit Technology 
  • imported Leather
  • Crepe Sole
  • Silver British Collection Medallion